How it’s working

A Welcoming Tour is…

  • in accordance to guests’ wishes as to how they want or need to get to know their new environment. We interview refugees, asylum-seekers and migrants and design tours that serve their needs. Welcoming Tours doesn’t have to be limited to mere walks either. They could be invitations to events, a shopping trips, etc. Ultimately, connecting people is what matters.
  • for free: Welcomers are volunteers. There are no tips, no hidden fees or costs.
  • authentic: The “arrivals” meet locals. Thereby both groups get an impression of their life and reality of life. Ideally, Welcomers aren’t just helping with practical information and providing orientation but with language skills as well.
  • lasting: Welcomingtours don’t need to be singular events, but can lead to lasting relationships. Likewise, Welcomers don’t need to be limited to just Welcoming either, but might go on to become language teachers and friends.

How it works for Austrian residents, the so called “Welcomer”…How it's working for Welcomer

How it works for people who request a tour…